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davidii cultivars

Top Butterfly attacting plant without Equal!!
Flowers July /August. Top tip, prune hard in April, then plants will flower in early August.
That's when Garden butterflies generally are at their peak emergence. July is a bit early.
I tend to prune somewhere between Knee and waist height.
Then by Summer plants reach 6-8 feet.(2-3m)

Some of the cultivars in The National Collection at The Lavender Garden

Adonis Blue
Dwarf Habit, One of the best Dark Blue Colours
Autumn Beauty (syn Clive Farrel, Bejing)
Flowers late for davidii August/Sept, Lilac/pale pink.
African Queen
Rarely seen Purple/Maroon. somewhere between Royal Red and Black Knight in colour.
Black Knight
The Top Selling Buddleja. Stunning rich dark purple flowers, Unique and striking!
Blue Horizon
In Our opinion, one of the best available. Rich Sapphire Blue flowers. Superb.
Camberwell Beauty
Magenta with splayed flowers. Like a dwarf version of Dartmoor.
A very pale lilac bloom, almost white.
A large plant with Unusual splayed magenta flowers from long weeping stems.
Darts Ornamental White
Thin white flowers, with a fine nanhoensis type green leaf.
Darts Papillon Blue
Large creamy pale blue flowers. Lovely plant.
Pink/Purple blooms.
Dudleys Compact Lavender
Pale Lavender/Lilac colour.
Attractive pale blue.
Ellens Blue
Deep Blue medium flowers. Lovely deep colour.
Empire Blue
Blue/mauve short blooms. Plant grows upright and narrow!
Fair Lady
Purple/Pink shade.
Strong Purple/Crimson shades.
Flaming Violet
Violet/Pink colour.
Pale Lilac.
Glasnevin Hybrid (syn Glasnevin Blue)
Lovely dwarf compact habit with silver blue flowers.
This plant has a lovely spreading habit, Lilac/Pink in bloom.
Grey Dawn
Rich Grey splayed panicles, raised at the nursery. In the trials at Wisley one of the RHS staff assured me a Purple Emperor Butterfly landed on this plant and fed for a long time!!! It is possible, as there are oak woods very near. Next time please take a photo!!
Harlequin (syn Harlequin Red)
The best variegated Buddleja, Rich Maroon flowers with creamy green variegation.
Ille de France
Pink/Purple, long flowers.
Lilac Moon
A rich creamy Lilac colour, Attracted the largest number of butterflies during 2009.
Les Kneale
Attractive plant found by Les on the Isle of Man!
White with a faint Pink Blush.
Two Tones
Flowers with two shades of Lilac/Pale Blue.
Marbled White
An excellent Low growing plant. Long Creamy Upright white Panicles.
Nanho Blue
Fine leaves with very attractive long mid blue raceames.
Nanho Purple
Excellent Dwarf variety. Fine leaves with short drooping Maroon flowers.
-var Nanhoensis
Attractive dwarf selection with Lilac flowers, fine leaves.
-var Nanhoensis Alba (syn Nanho Alba)
This is an excellent fine leaved compact plant. With large Showy White Blooms.
Purple/pink blooms.
Orchid Beauty
Long impressive Lilac blooms.
The first Buddleja raised by us. Very unusual Deep blue flowers with a white circle around Orange eye. Good Butterfly attracting plant.
New addition with spiked flower heads. Lilac blue.
Old fashioned white buddleja, slender white panicles.
Compact variety with a good mid pink flower.
Strong mauve with a deep orange eye. Good butterfly attracting Plant.
Pink Pearl
Pale pink blooms.
Pink Spreader
Cerise Pink, slender blooms.
Pixie Blue
Large creamy pale blue flowers. After much debate on RHS Trials, we feel this plant may be a synonym of Darts Papillon Blue.
Pixie Red
Possibly a slightly smaller version of Royal Red.
Maroon Red.
Pixie white
Slow growing small white Buddleja.
Purple Emperor
Compact iridescent pale mauve flowers.
Purple Friend
Compact Purple plant. Very deep when first flowering.
Purple Prince
Pale mauve.
Purple Rain
Purple/Pink flowers.
Royal Red
Stunning Maroon Red Raceames. A Top Colour in Buddlejas. A must for any garden.
Unusual lime green/ pale yellow variegation,
Maroon flowers.
Shire Blue
Darker Blue than Loch Inch. Excellent butterfly attracting plant.
Chunky China blue flowers. Bred at nursery.
Southcombe Splendour
Short pale blue flowers.
Sugar Plum
Stunning Cerise/Maroon Blooms. Deeper Improved version of Summer Beauty!
Recent intro from Celebrated plant breeder Peter Moore!
Summerhouse Blue
Beautiful iridescent palest blue flowers. Good butterfly plant.
Summer Beauty
Cerise Pink, Needs Very Sunny position without competition!
Very attractive creamy white/green leaves with good contrasting Grey/Lilac flowers.
White Ball
A truly dwarf small plant. Short white flowers over ball of grey green foliage.
Excellent for small garden.
White Profusion
Excellent strong growing plant with large pure white panicles!
White Wings
Attractive buddleja, creamy white flowers, can form trident wing like shapes.

Large species plant native to South America. Orange ball flowers in June.
Bit early for butterflies but attracts Bees. Bit of a Monster, but great if you have the space!

x weyeriana
Cross between davidii and globosa originally done by Mr Van du Weyer at Corfe castle Dorset in 1920s. Ball like flowers which form into panicles.
Flowering August thro till Oct. Because they are Hybrids they don't seed, just keep on flowering.
I like these plants they are good for late Summer/Autumn butterflies.

Golden Glow
Orange ball like flowers with a slight purple flush
Apricot ball like flowers with occasional purple wash.
Pure deep orange flowers, raised at Boskoop nursery, Holland, in the 1960's
Bicolour (syn Flower Power)
Recent introduction in UK. I like this plant because its very unusual in appearance.
Pink and yellow flowers on same panicle!